About Cornerstone Mobile Counseling


As I am part of the Cornerstone Mobile Counseling network and model, I would like to introduce you to our valuable mission of offering ample mental health access to communities via mobile counseling and telehealth.

A little bit about Cornerstone

We are a network of energetic, highly qualified licensed counselors that span across Central New York. We share a common pride in what we do and our commitment to providing excellent service to area individuals and families.Many families across Central New York struggle with the opioid epidemic, addiction, systemic poverty, patterns of under-employment, chronic domestic violence, difficulty finding stable employment, and lack of affordable housing.More and more area residents are at risk of family conflict, extended hopelessness, unnecessary anxiety, homelessness, or worse. Meanwhile, traditional agencies and practices designed to address these problems are often overwhelmed, underfunded, and unable to adapt – employing last century’s solutions to this century’s problems, an unworkable solution.We are a local group of licensed social workers using a transformative approach to mental health treatment: to expand and reshape the delivery model, based on 21st-century-specific needs. We plan to aid in eliminating cyclical poverty through wrap-around encapsulation, an integrated community approach, mobile staff using texting and technology. We are focused on wellness-based preventative thinking, connectivity, and immediacy.

Cornerstone's  Vision

Cornerstone envisions a new and transformative approach to mental health treatment in New York state: to expand and reshape the delivery model based on 21st-century-specific needs – and the extraordinary capacity – of our region. We want to end cyclical poverty through wrap-around encapsulation and an integrated community approach, built ultimately on wellness-based preventative thinking, connectivity, and immediacy.

Cornerstone's  Model

  • Connect directly and rapidly to those most in need, where they are and how they need it
  • Incorporate electronic communication, wrap-around care, home-based connectivity, and an informal style.
  • Attach treatment (and case management connectivity) to continuums of care already in place, always shifting toward independence and competency while collaborating with nearby primary-care resources, peer support, and early intervention.
  • Integrate substance abuse prevention and treatment, with special emphasis on housing, parenting, crisis management, vocational training, long-term sobriety, and other needs.
  • Help reduce crises through prevention, in-the-moment management, and adapted safety plans.
  • Follow individualized goal-driven plans using client-centered evidence-based approaches.
  • Specifically target children, adolescents, family units, minorities and immigrants, those with serious mental health illnesses or difficulty accessing traditional services, and military veterans.
  • Empower counselors with independence, dynamic support, professional and friendly office spaces, licensed supervision on request, minimal paperwork, and excellent pay.

To know more about Cornerstone Mobile Counseling visit their website: https://www.cornerstonemobilecounseling.com/

If you are currently in crisis

The process of choosing a helpful therapist takes some time, thought, and focus. If you are currently in a crisis or are worried that you might hurt or kill yourself or someone else, please contact your community’s mental health center, hospital emergency room, or crisis hotline. In Dutchess County, NY, call or text the Mobile Crisis Intervention Team 24/7/365 at 845-485-9700 or call toll-free at 877-485-9700. When the crisis has passed, this information will help you organize the task of finding a therapist for ongoing treatment